Log houses

Log house – an eco-friendly, durable and cost effective solution for the construction of housing, often attracting more than one of their simple, but at the same time, an exclusive look.

  Exactly in log houses we feel cosiness, because they are completely natural, the walls have enough good thermal conductivity characteristics, allowing the house to “breathe”, optimal humidity is always being maitened, thus reducing the risk of allergic reactions, flu.

Log homes are being built fast enough, smooth coordination of construction work on the project selected, a house can be built in a single season, so this is quite a quick-fix for your dream!

As with our other products, log houses, we manufacture in our production shop, therefore, the customers can be sure of our presented competitive price and quality.

Our experts select the right design and type of wood, considering the purpose of the house, and climatic conditions. We build houses, according to selected individual projects, we will adapt your project to a log house, consequently, every house is individually unique.