Straw pellets

Constantly increasing heating costs, more and more not only in Lithuania but also throughout Europe, straw pellets are becoming popular. This is not only one of the cheapest, but also one of the most environmentally friendly heating methods without any chemical additives – just natural, annually renewable natural materials – straw. Straw pellets have many advantages:

• cheap and efficient home heating;

• absolutely no damage to the environment;

• easy to transport and storage;

• low ash content;

• strongly pressed, and dust-free.

Burning straw pellets are made from wheat, rape or barley straw, 8 mm in diameter. Good thermal properties due to the fact that the moisture content is below 10%, so their combustion emits about 16 MJ / kg of heat content, and ash leftover – only about 5%.

The product is sold in the large “big-bag” sacks (1,100 kg), or we can pack into smaller bags in your choice of weight (20 – 25 – 30 kg).

We also produce straw pellets for litter. This type of pellets used in place of hay, because they absorb moisture up to 400% of its weight. Use of this litter is undoubtedly facilitate the cleaning of the enclosures and air will become much fresher.

We produce straw bedding pellets according individual order tailored the customer to choose an acceptable production and packaging.